Non-GMO Summit 2024 Programme Announced: Navigating The Future of Non-GMO Production


The EU could stand on the cusp of enormous regulatory change when it comes to New GMOs or New Genomic Techniques (NGTs) - the topic which is going to be at the heart of discussions at the Non-GMO Summit 2024 (7-8 October 2024, Frankfurt). The conference, featuring high level international speakers, will also hear from experts on market trends, forecasts and drivers, as well as innovation.

New GMOs: a new regulatory landscape to navigate 

The full programme, which has just been announced under the heading: Navigating The Future of Non-GMO Production: Challenges, Regulatory Outlook, and Market Potential has a focus on New GMOs or NGTs. Just as the EU institutions are negotiating a new regulation for these new types of plants and seeds, Summit participants will have the chance to hear from those who are experts on the upcoming regulation and what it could mean for all operators across the value chain, including the latest strategies and technologies to exclude New GMOs from Non-GMO value chains.

Non-GMO markets and key insights into developments and trends

The Summit is also set to delve into market trends, what is driving the market in terms of demand, supply and consumer expectations – both in Europe and around the globe. There will also be the opportunity to hear about best practice examples, for example from The Non-GMO Project, who will give insights from their 17 years of experience with Non-GMO certification in the USA. The Summit will also feature the organic market, with IFOAM highlighting what the organic sector is doing to exclude New GMOs from agriculture and food and feed.

Sustainability, innovation, certification

In food and farming, sustainability is always front of mind and this year’s Summit will also feature this vital pillar of food value chains and will show how Non-GMO can be a driver of innovation and contribute to sustainability goals. Speakers will focus on Non-GMO breeding, regenerative agriculture, as well as how business can achieve compliance with environmental, social and legal requirements through certification.

A comprehensive, insightful Summit in the works

The International Non-GMO Summit will bring together key players within the Non-GMO value chain and offers the opportunity to engage in important debates with experts and colleagues. It will be moderated by Dr Helmut Gaugitsch (Head of Scientific Management Biodiversity at the Environment Agency Austria). Dr Gaugitsch is a well-known researcher and strategist within the scientific community, as well as the food industry, in Austria and beyond. 

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