ENGA Members

ENGA is composed of regular and supporting members.

Regular Members

Regular members include companies and industry associations from the food and feed industry that manufacture and/or trade non-GMO products for the EU market.

a) National non-GMO industry associations or comparable institutions in which companies/members have organised themselves.

b) Regional/transnational non-GMO industry associations or comparable institutions in which companies/members are organised.

c) National non-GMO industry representations, in which companies organise themselves as long as no national association is formed. National representations are joint national platforms for cooperation composed of companies involved in non-GMO food and feed production.

d) Individual companies that are active in GMO-free sourcing, production, retail and marketing.

Supporting Members

Supporting members are companies or organisations other than a) – d), that support the non-GMO industry through their specific economic activities or for altruistic reasons. Supporting members financially support the association’s mission through their membership.

Private individuals can also be supporting members.

All regular and supporting members pay a membership fee.


ENGA members benefit from

  • a strong and proactive representation in Brussels – the centre of GMO and non-GMO policy making;
  • a platform for exchange with other companies from the European non-GMO sector;
  • regular information about all relevant non-GMO and GMO legislative, market and political developments in European countries and at the EU level;
  • the opportunity to shape the work of ENGA.

Membership Application

For membership application, please contact info(at)enga(dot)org