Membership Benefits

  • ENGA supports members in meeting consumer demand for a non-GMO agriculture and non-GMO food products, by representing and highlighting the business interests of the non-GMO sector – in particular towards EU institutions, EU member states and the public.
  • ENGA is a driving force to increase and improve cooperation and exchange among all participants and stakeholders of the European non-GMO market.
  • ENGA is the voice and advocate for legislation and policies on European and national level that secure the regulative framework and the economic success for non-GMO production in the long run.
  • ENGA advocates for a uniform European legal framework for non-GMO production and will initiate and steer a process aimed at establishing a pan-European harmonisation of standards and requirements for non-GMO production and monitoring / certification.
  • ENGA provides regular information about all relevant non-GMO and GMO legislative, market and political developments in European countries and at the EU level.
  • ENGA provides support for EU member states, European countries, business platforms, institutions and companies in the European Economic Area that wish to establish and/or participate in a credible non-GMO labelling system.
  • Members are empowered and also expected to proactively shape the work and the policies of ENGA. Members elect the Association’s bodies and have the right to vote at General Assemblies.