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ENGA Newsletter No. 5 : July 2022

Dear Readers,

The deadline is approaching, it is really your last chance to: ENGAGE, have your say and participate in the "Public consultation on plants produced by certain New Genomic Techniques", initiated by the EU Commission and open until 22 July. ENGA is happy to assist you. Contact us via

Meanwhile Austrian ministers Gewessler and Rauch as well as German minister Lemke have already made their views clear. They declared their support for the precautionary principle, scientific risk assessment and compulsory labelling.

This is also in line what French consumers want. According to a survey published by Greenpeace France in July 2022, 92% of all French people want the presence of New GMOs to be indicated on the packaging of food products. 91% see it as the responsibility of retailers to be transparent and clearly label the presence of New GMOs on their products.

Considering the hype made about New GMOs one could assume that they are everywhere - except in the EU. But, to the contrary, to date crops with New Genomic Techniques are promises, as our article about the three products on the market analyses. A reality is the success of Non-GMO products in Germany: a turnover of 13.2 billion euros in 2021 clearly shows what consumers want.

Regarding the availability of Non-GMO soy, Donau Soja‘s latest Market Report for June 2022 reveals that, despite the war in Ukraine, soy areas across Europe are likely to reach record levels and will contribute to greater availability of certified European Non-GMO soybeans and lower Non-GMO premiums.

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Heike Moldenhauer

Secretary General

EU flags

Final call to participate in the European Commission’s consultation on New Genomic Techniques

On 22 July the European Commission's consultation on New Genomic Techniques will close. This is the last chance for the sector to ENGA-ge and have your say about the future regulation (or de-regulation) of New GMOs.

Image of tomato plant

New GMOs: only 3 products on the market and very little detail on success

Until now, New GMOs are promises, not a market reality. Only three crops in three countries have made it to the market.

In this article we examine what these crops are, what they claim to achieve and how successful they have so far been.

Women in soy field

Record levels of soy planting across Europe

The latest figures, recently published in Donau Soja's June Market Report, reveal that, despite the war in Ukraine, soy areas across Europe are likely to reach record levels (both in Europe and in the EU).

Ohne Gentechnik logo

Growth in German Non-GMO market shows continued strong demand for Non-GMO products

Recently published data from German Non-GMO labelling platform, VLOG, shows continued growth in sales in "Ohne Gentechnik" (Non-GMO) products in Germany in 2021. We take a look at the trends and challenges for the Non-GMO market in Germany based on the latest figures from VLOG.

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