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ENGA Newsletter No. 18: February 2024

Dear Readers,

On the 7th of February, the plenary of European Parliament voted in favour of labelling and traceability for all New GMOs – thus opposing the plans of the EU Commission and the Parliament's AGRI and ENVI Committees to impose invisible New GMOs on EU agriculture and food production and consumers. 

An open letter to Chair of the EPP Group, Manfred Weber, launched in January by the corporate initiative “The Right to Know Whether There are New GMOs in Food”, widely distributed to members of all parliamentarian groups and signed by over 310 European food companies, definitely had the intended impact!

Read our detailed analysis of the vote, including why it is still an open question whether a new legislation on New GMOs will remain ‘unfinished business’ in this legislative term, and our report about the successful corporate initiative.

And now from policy to market developments: Our second Non-GMO Market Report, quarterly published by ENGA, produced in cooperation with Donau Soja and the ProTerra Foundation, paints an optimistic picture of the main three Non-GMO crops on the EU market. For soy, maize and rapeseed the Non-GM demand is expected to be easily covered in the EU in the 2023/24 season. 

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Kind regards, 
Heike Moldenhauer
Secretary General

European Parliament voted for the right to know whether New GMOs are in value chains and food

In a surprising development, Members of the European Parliament, in their Plenary on 7th February, voted in favour of labelling, traceability, and monitoring of environmental effects of New GMOs. In this positive move both for EU citizens and for the food sector, those in the industry who want to exclude New GMOs from their value chains, and consumers who don't want to eat them - will have transparency. In our article we delve into the detail of the Parliament's adopted position and what it means, as well as the status of the negotiations between the three institutional players. 

Non-GMO Market Report Points to Positive Outlook For Three Main Crops

The latest Market Report from ENGA, Donau Soja and The ProTerra Foundation is just published. "Hot off the press" the second Non-GMO Market Report shines a spotlight on the three main Non-GMO crops in the EU: soy, maize and rapeseed. The outlook, both in terms of the latest harvests and supply, look good for all three crops. Read our article for more details on supply, demand and prices.  

Industry open letter successfully influenced EU Parliament’s plenary vote on MEPs

A swell of strong voices from major players in the EU's food sector, calling for transparency and labelling of New GMOs has had the desired effect. An open letter, signed by over 310 food companies, and sent to the Chair of the EPP Group, Manfred Weber, outlined the industry's serious concerns with the deregulation plans for "New Genomic Techniques". MEPs took notice of this strong, united voice by voting in their plenary to ensure labelling for consumers and traceability for business throughout the whole value chain and the ban of New GMOs in organic farming. 

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