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ENGA Newsletter No. 15 : November 2023

Dear readers,

ENGA has been at the European Parliament raising the voice of the Non-GMO food sector to those deciding on legislation. On 15 November, representatives of the organic and conventional sectors took the opportunity to present their views to MEPs on the deregulation proposals for New GMOs. My personal highlight: feedback from entrepreneurs to the statements from EU lawmakers – entrepreneurs who generate hundreds of millions of euros with Non-GMO products and who depend on transparency requirements.

Meanwhile, the Spanish Presidency, the European People’s Party in alliance with parts of Renew and right-wing parties are pushing to have a legislation for New GMOs approved by the end of this legislature, i.e. before the EU elections in June. We have all the latest about controversies, schedules etc. – but we don’t dare to predict an outcome, neither in terms of finalizing the file nor on content. 

And the best for last: We proudly present the first edition of our new market report, published by ENGA, in cooperation with Donau Soja and the ProTerra Foundation. This report is the first in a series of quarterly reports aimed at food and feed producers as well as retailers, in order to inform them about the status of the market of Non-GM soy, Non-GM maize and Non-GM rapeseed, about availability, prices and demand. 

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Kind regards, 
Heike Moldenhauer
Secretary General

Raising the Voice of the Non-GMO Food Sector to the European Parliament

With negotiations on the legislation for New Genomic Techniques gaining momentum in the European Parliament, ENGA's event "The Future of Non-GMO Production in the EU", could not have come at a better time. The panel discussions gave the floor to high level representatives of the Non-GMO food sector, both conventional and organic, for their reflections on the grave repercussions that face both the food sector in general - and for EU citiziens - should the European Commission's plans to degreulate NGTs be approved. The MEPs - from different sides of the political spectrum - were then able to respond to what they'd heard and put forward their criticism of (or support for) the draft legislation. Read on for our full summary of the event. 

European Parliament and Member States at odds over New GMOs

It is heading towards "crunch time" in both the European Parliament and the Council, with law makers apparently determined to push through the legislation on New Genomic Techniques in an unusually rushed timeframe. Read on for a detailed run down of the sticking points, with many issues still unsolved and a large number of amendments tabled in both relevant European Parliament committees. 

A spotlight on the main Non-GM crops in the EU

Hot off the press - ENGA's first market report (jointly produced with Donau Soja and the ProTerra Foundation) - brings together key market data and highlights trends concerning the three main Non-GMO crops in the EU: soybeans, maize and rapeseed. Read our article to find out how these crops are expected to perform this marketing season, including figures on expected harvest, prices and supply and demand.

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