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ENGA Newsletter No. 04 :: June/2022

Dear Readers,

ENGAGE – have your say and #SaveNonGMO – this is the title of a webinar which will be hosted by ENGA on Tuesday 28th June 15h-16h CET. And it describes perfecly the current situation.

Have your say: until 22 July 2022, stakeholders can participate in the "Public consultation on plants produced by certain New Genomic Techniques", initiated by the EU Commission.

#SaveNonGMO: The consultation is conducted in an alarmingly one-sided manner and contains numerous misleading assertions. This reflects the intention of the Commission to pave the way for deregulation of New GMOs. It is therefore of utmost importance that producers and marketers of Non-GMO food clearly stand up for their business interests. ENGA is happy to assist. Contact us via

Should it come to a deregulation of New GMOs, untested and invisible GMOs would enter the market and end up in food. Thus the whole food sector would be affected. That is why ENGA has started a series "Ten things the food sector needs to know about New GMOs", published via LinkedIn and on ENGA’s website.

New GMOs will end up in food – what do consumers say? If they have heard about them the majority want them to be labelled. But in general New GMOs are under the radar of the wider public. This indicates a huge democratic deficit should the European Commission continue on its path of deregulation (and abolish any labelling), analyses our new article.

To close with good news: ENGA‘s founding member ARGE Gentechnik-frei, the Austrian platform for Non-GMO food is celebrating its 25th birthday. Many heartfelt congratulations to them – and let's ENGAGE together for the future of the Non-GMO food sector. In other news from Austria, register now for the Expert Event on New Genomic Techniques on 21st June, taking place in Vienna.

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Kind regards,

Heike Moldenhauer

Secretary General

Impact Assessment: ENGA's analysis of EC questionnaire

ENGA has undertaken a thorough analysis of the European Commission's questionnaire, part of its impact assessment for New Genomic Techniques, which it launched in April 2022. Stakeholders affected by the envisaged new GMO legislation are invited to comment on the future regulation during a 12-week consultation period (until 22 July 2022).

Please contact ENGA for a in-depth analysis of each question in the Comission's consultation and guidance on possible responses under Documents are available in English and German.

Save The Date: ENGA webinar - ENGAGE and #SaveNonGMO

On Tuesday 28th June 15h-16h CET ENGA will host a webinar ENGAGE – have your say and #SaveNonGMO

Time is ticking to complete the European Commission's questionnaire (open until 22 July 2022), part of its Impact Assessment on New Genomic Techniques. ENGA is hosting a webinar to inform stakeholders about the regulatory process, guide them through the consultation and give expert advice.

It's vital that the producers and marketers in the Non-GMO sector have their voices heard and participate in the consultation to #SaveNonGMO.

Please register by emailing or via LinkedIn.

New GMOs - what is the consumer response?

Consumers across Europe have little awareness of New GMOs, but of those that have heard of them, the majority want them to be labelled as such.

Our new article analysing consumer behaviour and trends towards GMO food and New GMOs shows the widespread lack of knowledge of New GMOs and indicates the huge democratic deficit should the European Commission continue on its path towards their deregulation.

Milestone Non-GMO celebrations in Austria, as consumers continue to back GMO-free food

GMO-free production is one of the most important motives for consumers when purchasing food, according to new research released by ARGE Gentechnik-frei in the run up to Austria’s GMO-free weeks 2022 (13-25 June).

The publication of the study also marks ARGE Gentechnik-frei's 25th birthday and shows that Non-GMO foods and agricultural products are enjoying continued popularity among Austrian consumers.

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