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ENGA Newsletter No. 03 :: April/2022

Dear Readers,

With the war in Ukraine a topic arose for the Non-GMO sector: The availability of Non-GMO soy, the most prominent feedstuff for producing Non-GMO milk, meat and eggs. Some are using the crisis to create a negative sentiment around a mode of production that has always been a thorn in their side. This contradicts the facts: there is, in fact, no lack of Non-GMO soy.

ENGA has asked leading soy crushing plants all over Europe this week – and surprise! - AdamPol Soya (Ukraine), ADM Straubing (Germany), BAG (Austria), Cereal Docks (Italy), Group Vandamme (Hungary) all confirmed that they have enough Non-GMO soy on their stocks. AdamPol Soya even declares: European-grown soybeans currently supply the majority of estimated European demand for non-GM soybean meal of around 4 million tonnes per annum. If you need more information how to secure your Non-GMO feed supply please contact ENGA board members Susanne Fromwald, Alexander Hissting and Emese van Maanen.

What does the Russian invasion of Ukraine mean for food supply in Europe, how does the war affect export logistics and how will it affect this year's harvest? We are happy that Volodymyr Pugachov, Quality Manager, Donau Soja Ukraine, based in Kiev, gives us some first-hand insights.

At EU level we expect the Commission to publish its consultation on the Impact Assessment any day now. ENGA has prepared a detailed briefing for companies active the Non-GMO sector. To secure the Non-GMO business in the long-term, widespread participation is of utmost importance. Please get in touch with us, we are happy to assist!

You may know Loacker and the products that it is renowned for: chocolate wafer biscuits. ENGA is pleased to announce the membership of the family-run business based in South Tyrol, producing all its specialties Non-GMO.

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Kind regards,

Heike Moldenhauer

Secretary General

War in Ukraine: What Does it Mean for Non-GMO Soya in Europe?

We take a deep dive into the situation concerning Non-GMO soya from Ukraine and the impact that the war has had on its supply to Europe. Contrary to media reports, there is currently no lack of GM soya from Ukraine in Europe. We speak with ENGA member Donau Soja, which has in-depth knowledge of the availbility of Non-GM soya and explore the huge potential there is in fact to increase volumes and supply in Europe. 

Get ready! The Impact Assessment on New Genomic Techniques Coming Soon...

The European Commission plans to publish its Impact Assessment on New Genomic Techniques in the coming days. Stakeholders including Non-GMO producers and marketers will have 12 weeks to respond and to have their voices heard in response to what could be the beginning of the de-regulation of New GMOs. This is your chance to stand up for your business! ENGA is ready to advise you and, ahead of the launch of the Impact Assessment, we have prepared a briefing for the Non-GMO food sector.

ENGA's latest member: Loacker

We are pleased to announce our newest member: Loacker - a family-run business based in South Tyrol, in Italy, with a focus on delicious, natural and sustainable ingredients.

Loacker is renowned for its chocolate wafer biscuit which it exports to over 100 countries worldwide. The company has been producing certified Non-GMO products since 2021 and all of its products are Non-GMO.

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